Do These 3 Things to Your Air Conditioner Before Summer

Most homes have an air conditioner installed to help keep everyone inside cool and comfortable during the warmer seasons of the year. However, there are a lot of people who don’t realize that they need to schedule routine maintenance for the unit to keep it running at its prime, or that there are numerous warning signs of a potential problem they shouldn’t ignore.

Check out these three things you should do – things that most homeowners don’t know can help extend the life of their air conditioning systems.

  1. Don’t ignore obvious problems. If you notice a strange sound or an odd smell when your air conditioner is running, don’t ignore it. Additionally, if you notice any leaking around the base of the unit, or rusting, these are indications of a problem that will need to be dealt with by a professional. Failure to have these issues properly handled may result in a breakdown of the system – leaving your family in a hot, humid home.
  2. Change the filter on a schedule. Add changing your filter as a task to your calendar each month so that you don’t forget. That’s right – your furnace filter in the air handler needs to be changed, even when it’s not winter. All air passing through your heating and cooling systems passes through this filter. Failure to replace your filter on a routine basis could result in poor indoor air quality, decreased efficiency of the cooling system, or costly repairs resulting from a breakdown of the dirty, dusty unit. A lot of homeowners don’t realize they need to change their filter in the spring and summer because they incorrectly assume that it’s only a “winter thing” when the heater is running. However, air passes through this filter regardless of whether you’re using your furnace or air conditioner.
  3. Have a professional clean and inspect the unit. It’s recommended to have a cooling expert perform a tune-up on your air conditioner on an annual basis. Many potential problems can be caught and dealt with during a maintenance appointment, before they result in a total system breakdown. Additionally, an expert will be able to clean dust and debris from your system so that it runs more efficiently. In turn, this could potentially help to reduce your monthly energy bills and could result in fewer costly repairs during the life of your unit. 

Schedule an AC maintenance appointment

At Pivotal Home Solutions, we offer a Cooling Maintenance Plan. For a low monthly price, you get the peace of mind knowing that an expert will provide you with the following:
  • Annual performance tune-up on one primary central cooling system, ducted electric central air conditioning, and blower motor located in the furnace if necessary for proper operation of the cooling system.
  • Checking and installing new filter when necessary (additional cost for filter).
  • Inspect and clean condensers.
  • Check the electrical connection and AMP draw.
  • Additional exclusions and restrictions may apply. For complete information on the plan, including applicable terms and conditions, see the Customer Agreement.

Want to schedule an appointment or learn more? Give us a call at 855-890-2163, or you can chat with a customer service representative on our website.