Common Furnace Problems

Your furnace’s job is to keep your home warm and toasty, even on the coldest days. However, as with any appliance, these units can sometimes break down or not work as well as they should.

Check out some of the most common furnace problems homeowners face during the heating season.

  1. Furnace is making loud, strange noises. The noises may be caused by a mechanical issue or a problem with airflow.
  2. Furnace isn’t coming on at all. This may indicate an issue with the pilot light or with power to the unit.
  3. Furnace blower continuously runs. The thermostat’s fan switch may be set to “on.” Or this could mean that there’s an issue with the furnace’s limit switch and it could need replacement.
  4. Furnace doesn’t seem to heat the entire home. Check to make sure your vents aren’t blocked. If they aren’t, then this may be a problem with your furnace not being the proper size for your home’s heating needs.
  5. Home doesn’t feel comfortable. The thermostat may not be functioning properly. When this happens, it doesn’t send the right signals to tell the furnace when to cycle on, or what temperature to make the home.
  6. Air smells musty or family members are experiencing allergies. This may indicate that your furnace filter needs to be changed. Be sure to change the filter regularly. Check your furnace’s owner’s manual to see how often to change the filter, as well as to see what size replacement you need.
  7. Furnace cycles “on” and “off” randomly. This may indicate that the unit does not have proper airflow, or you may have a clogged filter in need of replacement.
  8. Furnace doesn’t seem to be able to properly control temperature. This may indicate normal wear and tear. Age can cause heat control problems for your system.
  9. Furnace continues to experience unexpected problems or breakdowns. Be sure you are scheduling annual maintenance for your heating system. Many potential problems can be caught and taken care of during a tune-up.
  10. Pilot light continues to go out. This may indicate a problem with the pilot control, or there may be drafts around your furnace. 

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