Did You Know Winter May be the Best Time to Install a New AC? Here's Why.

It may come as a shock to many homeowners that the late fall/winter season may be the best time of year to replace your air conditioner. While you may be more focused on keeping your home warm and cozy right now, if the decision to buy a new AC has been looming, then there may be no better time to take the plunge. Getting a new system installed can mean that you are ready for the first warm day next year.


Affordable pricing options

One of the top reasons for purchasing a replacement air conditioner this time of year is that many manufacturers offer lower prices on new systems during the “off-season” for cooling. After all, right now, many homeowners are thinking more about replacing their heating systems because their unit has broken down, or the technician performing annual heating maintenance informed them that their aging unit isn’t going to be able to withstand the winter weather ahead.


As such, manufacturers may have a significant mark-up on their heating systems right now, but ACs that are in stock are not in high demand and may be available at lower prices.


Installers may be available

Many times, if a homeowner waits until the spring or summer to get a replacement air conditioner installed, they’re placed on a long list of people waiting for service calls — many cooling companies prioritize repairs ahead of installation appointments. They want to be sure their customers aren’t suffering in the miserable (and potentially dangerous) heat, and this can be more of a concern for them than installing a new air conditioning unit for someone.


However, during the late fall and winter, you may have better luck getting a professional installer to your home in a timeframe that fits with your busy schedule. And even if the heating and cooling company you choose to work with is busy with furnace repair appointments right now, you can wait to get your new AC installed. After all, you likely won’t need to use it for a few more months!


More time for you to make a buying decision

Another advantage of installing a new AC during the colder months is that you’ll have time to research available units so that you can make the best decision for your home’s cooling needs. Many times, if a homeowner waits to buy a new system after their existing one unexpectedly breaks down, they will be desperate and choose any unit they can just to get some relief.


But since you aren’t currently depending on the AC for comfort in your home, you have time to really lay all the options out in front of you to make an educated and informed buying decision.


Protect your new AC

After you’ve decided on the new AC unit that’s best for your home and had it installed by a professional, remember to keep it protected. Pivotal Home Solutions can help you by providing affordable Cooling Repair and Cooling Maintenance Plans to help ensure your new unit continues to run efficiently for many years to come.