“Each and every experience I have had has been positive.”

Many people find themselves jumping from one task to the next trying to keep their home properly maintained and running well. These tasks include things like keeping up with lawn work during the summer, raking leaves in the fall, making sure the gutters are clean and free of debris year-round, and that doesn’t even include the ever-growing list of to-do’s for inside the home.


With so much on their plates, many homeowners don’t think about how efficiently their heating and cooling systems are working. After all, if the house feels comfortable, everything must be working fine, right? Not necessarily. There may be many underlying issues found within these vital home appliances that are overlooked until an unexpected breakdown occurs. Then, as the homeowner, you’re left scrambling to find someone to fix the problem for a price you can afford.


To prevent problems such as these from happening in your home, it’s critical to schedule an annual tune-up for both your furnace and your air conditioner — even if it seems like they’re working as they should.


That is precisely what Ken L. of Mundelein, Ill., does each year. He’s a longtime customer who’s enrolled in both our Heating Maintenance Plan and Cooling Maintenance Plan. With these plans, he’s entitled to an annual maintenance appointment for both systems to ensure that they’re operating as efficiently as possible.


When asked about the experience of his most recent air conditioning system tune-up, Ken reflected back even further. “Their operators are most helpful, and the technicians have always been great. I highly recommend this service,” he said. “Each and every experience I have had has been positive.”


In addition to our maintenance plans, Ken is also enrolled in our Plumbing Protection Plan and Preferred Gas Line Protection Plan.


Want to be like Ken?

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