“Excellent. Service and performance were outstanding!”

In this day and age, we understand how difficult it can be to find a service provider who you can both trust and afford. When a problem such as a broken furnace pops up in your home, it’s not something that you can just ignore in hopes that it’ll get better on its own.


Winters in northern Illinois are…harsh!

Eileen W. of Lincolnwood, Ill., has seen her fair share of brutally cold winters full of snow and ice. She knows how important it is to keep her home warm so that her family stays comfortable. And when this Pivotal Home Solutions customer noticed that her home was feeling much colder than it should — even with the heat cranked up — she checked her thermostat to be sure the settings were correct, and then she called us.


Eileen is enrolled in our Heating Repair Plan. She knew that instead of trying to search online for a reputable HVAC repair provider who may or may not have time in their schedule to investigate the problem — and at an affordable price — she just had to call us and speak with a friendly, knowledgeable customer service representative. The customer care expert located a technician from our service provider network to help Eileen take care of the problem.


“Excellent. Service and performance were outstanding!” Eileen said when asked about her experience working with our call center and with the technician who was sent to her home to investigate and resolve the problem.


Want to be like Eileen?

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