“Great deal and peace of mind for the money!”

There are a lot of homeowners who don’t give a second thought to their home’s most used appliances — as long as things seem to be working as they should. Their furnace, for example, likely runs nearly non-stop when the temperatures outside get as cold as they have been this winter. When a heating system is working overtime to keep a home warm and toasty, it really should be no surprise that it may face an untimely breakdown if it’s not properly cared for.


That’s why preventative maintenance for your home’s heating system is so important. Even if it seems like your unit couldn’t be operating any better than it is currently, there could be hidden issues that will ultimately lead to a breakdown or prevent your system from running as efficiently as possible. These are problems that only a trained, experienced, professional heating technician will be able to identify.


Here’s what a longtime customer has to say about preventative home maintenance…

Chris R., who has a home in the northern part of Illinois, knows just how important it is to schedule annual maintenance appointments for his furnace. His family depends on it during the brutally cold winter days that this area is known to face each year.


Chris is enrolled in our Heating Maintenance Plan, which includes an annual tune-up appointment for a heating system. Most technicians recommend having a heater inspected and cleaned by a professional once each year, which makes this affordable plan perfect for Chris’ home.


“Great deal and peace of mind for the money!” said this longtime customer. He knows that for a low monthly fee, he can have his furnace maintained by an expert heating technician each year. If any potential problems are discovered during Chris’ annual furnace appointment, the technician can recommend the best repair or replacement part needed to get the unit running as efficiently as possible again — so that his home can stay cozy and comfortable all season long.


That’s why Chris’ enrollment in our Heating Repair Plan also comes in handy. “I have them do yearly clean and checks [with the Heating Maintenance Plan] […] and if a repair is needed, it’s covered [with the Heating Repair Plan]!” said this satisfied homeowner.


Want to be like Chris?

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