“Great service, very professional and on time. [The] tech explained everything.”

As a homeowner, you realize that you have your “limits” when it comes to what household projects you can or can’t tackle yourself. If it’s something as simple as adding extra sealant to your window and door frames to prevent conditioned air from escaping or hot/cold air from getting inside – this is probably something you can handle. But for things a little more complex – such as anything involving electricity in your home – it’s best left to the professionals.


This is precisely what Uvonne H. of Broadview, Il. did when she noticed that an outlet in her garage was no longer working as expected. Uvonne has a GFCI outlet in her garage. GFCI outlets are designed to help prevent severe electrical shocks, and sometimes they can even help to prevent or reduce the severity of an electrical fire by interrupting the flow of current to the outlet.


Instead of trying to fix the issue herself (which would be incredibly dangerous and not recommended unless you are a professional electrician), or trying to find an electrician on her own, Uvonne remembered that she’s enrolled in our Electric Line Protection program.


Uvonne picked up the phone and gave us a call. Our team of professional customer care agents were able to find an experienced electrician in Uvonne’s area who could come to her home and diagnose and treat the problem.


When asked about her recent outlet repair with Pivotal Home Solutions, Uvonne had this to say, “Great service, very professional and on time. [The] tech explained everything.”


Want to be like Uvonne?

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