“Have had excellent service, very accommodating. Customer service is efficient and helpful.”

Regardless of how you have been celebrating the holiday season, it might include get-togethers with family and friends. Maybe there are a few things in your trunk that need to be returned because they just aren’t your style (thanks for providing that gift receipt!). And if you’re a parent, you’re juggling all these things with kids on winter break in your home.


You’re busy. We understand. And when things happen outside of your control, you think of them as just more stuff to add to your to-do list. Unfortunately, if one of those things is a furnace that’s stopped working, it needs to be pushed to the top of your list — your family can’t stay in a home with no heat this time of year.


And when this happens in your home, you might panic and start looking online for any HVAC company that’s open to help you with diagnosing and treating the problem with your furnace. This is only going to add more stress. Fortunately, there’s something you can do to prevent this stress. Enroll ahead of time in an affordable home protection plan from Pivotal Home Solutions. Don’t believe us? Read on to see how we helped Pam B.


Pam is a Streamwood, Ill., homeowner. She’s enrolled in a variety of our home protection plans, including our Heating Repair Plan. When Pam’s furnace stopped heating her home early in the heating season, she didn’t panic. She knew exactly what to do. She picked up the phone, gave us a call, and spoke with a friendly, knowledgeable customer service representative. Our representative was able to quickly set up a time for a member of our service provider network to go to Pam’s home and take care of the problem.


“Have had excellent service, very accommodating. Customer service is efficient and helpful,” said this satisfied northern Illinois customer. The technician sent to Pam’s home was able to diagnose the problem and take care of it the same day — so that nobody had to suffer in the cold.


Want to be like Pam?

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