“He was professional and polite!”

When the temperatures drop dangerously low outside, your family depends heavily on your home’s furnace for warmth and comfort, as well as for their safety and well-being. If exposed to harsh temperatures for too long without a functioning furnace in your home, you and your loves ones (including pets) could face a myriad of challenges.


Fortunately, ensuring that your heating system operates efficiently all season long isn’t too monumental a task to tackle. Many heating technicians recommend that you have your unit inspected and cleaned by an experienced professional on an annual basis. During this tune-up appointment, a technician will inspect and clean the components inside your furnace to be sure things are free of dirt/dust buildup and are working as expected.


If a potential problem is detected by the technician, it can be taken care of before resulting in a breakdown of the unit during the dead of winter, when it can be difficult to find an available technician and repairs can be costly.


Babs knows just how important furnace maintenance is!

Babs C. is a longtime customer in the Chicago suburbs. She’s currently enrolled in our affordable Heating Maintenance Plan, which entitles her to an annual maintenance appointment for her home’s heating system.


This is what Babs had to say about her most recent furnace tune-up: “The technician called to [state] the time he would arrive . The technician had his ID on for me to see [and] he also had on his PPE due to COVID. He [asked if I] was having any problems with the furnace. He did the clean and check in a timely manner. He was professional and polite!”


Want to be like Babs?

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