How a Home Warranty Could Protect Your Budget

As a homeowner, managing your budget is likely one of your top priorities. During these challenging times, it can be especially difficult to plan for the unexpected, such as the loss of a job. We know how important it is to save money where you can.


One easy and simple thing you can do to protect your family’s budget is to enroll in a home warranty. A home warranty can help cover unforeseen expenses associated with plumbing issues, problems with electronics, heating and cooling system breakdowns, service line clogs, and more.


I have homeowners’ insurance. What’s the difference?

Many people mistakenly believe that since they have homeowners’ insurance, both their home and belongings are fully protected when anything goes wrong. Homeowners’ insurance is necessary on any home you own, and many policies provide coverage in case of a weather disaster, theft, and so on.


But what about something like a water line burst, sewer line clog, or a heating and cooling system breakdown? Standard homeowners’ insurance typically isn’t going to cover these types of problems. And when an issue arises, you’re on your own to foot the bill.


That is, unless you’re enrolled in a home warranty plan. There are a wide variety of them available. These plans can help cover repairs and maintenance for your home’s vital appliances, lines, and systems.


With Pivotal Home Solutions’ home warranties, you simply pay a low monthly fee for your plan(s), and when a covered problem occurs, you can just call us. We’ll work with our network of local service providers to set up an appointment to get the issue resolved. With most of our plans, there aren’t any service fees or trip charges to worry about, and we handle covered repair costs all the way up to your coverage limits as specified by your Customer Agreement.


There’s no need to search for a professional on your own!

Additionally, when you’re enrolled in a valuable home protection plan from Pivotal Home Solutions and a covered problem arises, you don’t need to search online or start asking around to find a reputable, honest, and professional service provider. We work with a network of pre-qualified and experienced professionals — people who will be able to quickly diagnose and treat the problem and get things in your home back to normal again as soon as possible.


This helps save you time, worry, and money when you need repairs.


What can a home warranty cover?

At Pivotal Home Solutions, we provide affordable protection for outside water and sewer service lines, heating and cooling systems, home appliances, plumbing, electric and gas lines, and more. To see what home warranties are available in your area, visit us online and enter your ZIP code in the box in the upper right corner of the page.


If you have questions about our coverage, call us anytime. Additionally, you can chat with a knowledgeable customer service representative by clicking the Click to Chat tab on the right side of the page.