“I am satisfied with the work that was done!”

Your family relies on your furnace for a warm and toasty home. And while we only just entered into the spring season, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be depending on your air conditioner for cool comfort, as well. These two systems are likely the most heavily used appliances in your home each day. With that said, you should do what you can to keep them running as efficiently as possible.


This means that you should schedule a tune-up appointment for both your heating and cooling system on an annual basis. During this maintenance check from a trained professional, he or she will be able to thoroughly clean and inspect the units to be sure things are working as well as possible to provide your family with a comfortable home (and a more affordable monthly energy bill).


Additionally, replace your filter monthly so airflow from your heating and/or cooling system isn’t obstructed. A dirty air filter prevents conditioned air from flowing out through your ducts as it should. Also, a dusty air filter could also cause a variety of health problems for your loved ones, particularly for anyone who suffers from allergies or respiratory issues.


Who do you turn to for help with a furnace or AC problem?

Even with the utmost care and attention paid to your furnace and air conditioner, sooner or later they may break down and require a repair from a skilled expert. And when that happens, what will you do? Will you dig out that old phone book and see if you can find someone honest, dependable, and affordable — and who can work you into their schedule? Will you try searching online to see if you can find someone who can help? Will you ask neighbors?  


When you’re enrolled in an affordable Heating Repair or Cooling Repair plan from Pivotal Home Solutions, one call to us takes care of the problem when a covered issue occurs. We’ll take care of the rest, working with a professional in our service provider network — someone who can quickly solve the problem so your family can get back to being comfortable once again.


THIS is how we can help!

That’s precisely what Constance A. of Country Club Hills in northern Illinois did! She is a longtime customer who is enrolled in both our Heating Repair and Cooling Repair plans for her home. When she noticed that her home wasn’t feeling as warm as it should, even with the thermostat cranked up, she knew there was an issue.


Constance called us and we promptly sent a trained heating and cooling professional to her home. The technician noticed that the furnace’s problem was related to the age of the unit, and it was time for a replacement. Additionally, he noticed that the air conditioning system was also around the same age in need of replacement with a newer, more modern and efficient model. The technician advised Constance of her options and with the Heating and Cooling Repair plans, she took advantage of her protection coverage of up to $400 per incident toward a replacement unit, with an aggregate $2,000 annual limit.


“I am satisfied with the work that was done!” said this happy customer, who again has a comfortable home for her family.


Want to be like Constance?

Give us a call or visit us online and enter your ZIP code to see protection plans and pricing available in your area. Have questions or concerns about billing or what’s covered under a plan(s)? Feel free to chat with a customer service representative during standard business hours by clicking the “Click to Chat” tab on the right side of the page.