Is it Time to Call an AC Professional?

When your home feels warmer than normal and you suspect that your air conditioner isn’t working as it should, you may be wondering whether or not the problem requires a visit by a cooling professional. If you are enrolled in our Cooling Repair Plan, you can call us any hour of the day and a friendly, knowledgeable customer service representative will be happy to speak with you and schedule an appointment.

However, if you are on the fence about whether the cooling problem you’re facing truly needs a service call, here are a few warning signs of some common issues that may require attention from an expert sooner rather than later.

AC is making strange sounds

If your air conditioner is making a high-pitched, squealing sound, the problem could be a result of a loosened fan belt. This isn’t a serious issue, and it’s something that’s often discovered and taken care of during annual AC maintenance.

However, a shrieking air conditioner could also be a warning sign that the compressor is running at a very high pressure. This could be extremely dangerous. Regardless of what the problem may be at your home, it’s a good idea to shut the air conditioner off and call an AC professional for their expert diagnostic and repair services.

AC isn’t coming on

This may seem like the worst possible problem for your air conditioner to face. However, the repair may be simple – such as replacing the batteries in your thermostat or fixing a minor wiring issue. On the other hand, a cooling system that isn’t cycling on/off could be a sign that it’s failed and will require replacement. An air conditioning professional will be able to help you determine the cause of the issue. If replacement is necessary, he or she will help you to choose a properly-sized unit for your family’s cooling needs and budget.

Burning smells coming from the AC

If you notice a burning smell emanating from your air conditioner while it’s running, this could be a warning sign that one of its internal components has overheated. If this is the situation at your home, shut the unit off and call a professional for help.

Family members with poor health

Additionally, if you have noticed that your air conditioner isn’t keeping your home as cool and comfortable as it should and you have individuals in your family with serious health conditions, it may be in your best interest to contact a cooling professional immediately to get the problem taken care of.

Affordable AC repair protection

When you’re enrolled in the Cooling Repair Plan from Pivotal Home Solutions, and your air conditioner stops working as it should, all you need to do is call us and we handle the rest. No more digging through an outdated phone book or searching for hours online to find a reputable HVAC provider you can trust. With us, you know you’ll be receiving help from a trained, experienced, and knowledgeable service provider.