"Oh boy, we're on a roll..."

The old saying goes, “When it rains, it pours…” and that was precisely the situation with Judy N.’s appliances in Crestwood, IL when several of them stopped working in a short amount of time.


“We've had [Pivotal Home Solution’s] plans for a while. We have them in our condo now, and when we had a house, we got them and they worked for us,” said this Illinoisan.


When asked about her appliance debacle, this longtime customer said: “Recently, we needed repairs within two weeks of each other. Our washer was loaded — had it full with towels and everything — and a switch went out. The technician who came was very nice, very polite and got right on it and fixed it. And then we had a problem with the stove — I went to set it and waited for it to heat up, heard the beep-beep-beep — and it's colder than cold. I thought, ‘Oh boy, we’re on a roll.’ And so then we had another technician come and he was very nice.”


Judy went on to say, “We have quite a few plans and I’ve mentioned the company to family and friends. Our plans cover most of the household appliances — microwave, our stove, the refrigerator, almost the whole house. It’s valuable to us to know that when something does go wrong, you can just call and somebody’s going to come and solve it.”


When asked about her overall experience with our team, Judy said, “On a scale of 1 to 10, definitely a 10. It seems like everybody there — even the ones who take the calls — is very polite.”


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