Rainy Spring Weather in the Forecast? Should You Cover Your AC?

Spring is known for producing rainy, wet weather. Many people may roll their eyes when they look outside to see it drizzling, since they know they’re going to need an umbrella. On the bright side, however, the same rain that can make your shoes annoyingly soggy also helps flowers and crops to grow and flourish.

Along with covering yourself with an umbrella and raincoat for protection from the precipitation, you may be wondering if you should cover your air conditioning system to keep it dry. There are conflicting responses to this question, but the consensus from many AC manufacturers is that you don’t need to add another layer on your cooling system to keep it safe during a rainstorm.

Air conditioners are built tough!

Your home’s air conditioning system was designed and built with durable materials to withstand harsh weather elements. This includes snowstorms, strong winds, downpours, and brutally hot or cold temperatures. That being said, it is possible for your cooling system’s condenser shell to get dented by hail or branches during a severe storm. However, trying to find a cover that won’t get dented ITSELF from the hail/branches/etc., may be difficult. And adding this layer to your AC may do more harm than good.

Covers can trap moisture inside.

Even if you happen to find a hail- and dent-proof cover for your air conditioner, placing it on your cooling system may trap moisture inside. Many people may not be mindful of the fact that they need to go back and remove the cover immediately following a storm. As a result, trapped moisture could lead to the development of harmful mold and mildew.

When these dangerous fungi begin growing inside your air conditioner, they don’t just cause premature damage to your AC’s vital components, but the spores will also circulate through the system and out into the air inside your family’s home. This could lead to serious health problems for your loved ones, especially if you have elderly individuals or people with respiratory issues in your home.

You also don’t need a cover in the winter!

Adding a cover to your air conditioning system during its “off-season” is also not necessary. As in summer, this extra layer may do more harm than good. Trapped moisture will eventually freeze and could cause damage to the wiring inside your system. The worst part is that you won’t know there’s a problem until the spring when you turn your AC on again and discover that it’s not working as it should.


Additionally, a covered air conditioner may look warm and inviting to critters. Rats, mice, raccoons, and other wildlife may set up homes underneath the cover, and the animals may chew on wiring and other vital components inside the system. Again, this could be a problem that you aren’t aware of until the following spring.

Want help protecting your air conditioner?

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