Should I Schedule an Inspection for My New Home's Heating and Cooling Systems?

To say that you and your family have a lot of work to do when you buy a new home is an understatement. Moving is exhausting. You don’t just have to box and organize everything you own, but then you have to unpack it, re-hang all your pictures and wall art, put up the curtains, make sure each room is usable and set up to your family’s liking, and so on. The list of tasks seems endless, and it can be easy to forget to double-wrap those porcelain plates, or to notify the post office of your new address — just as a couple examples.


One task you shouldn’t overlook, however, is scheduling an inspection for your new home’s heating and cooling systems. After all, your family will depend heavily on them for comfort throughout each season of the year. Be sure that these units are working properly so that you don’t have the unfortunate experience of dealing with a breakdown in your not-so-distant future.


What does an HVAC inspection include?

A professional and trained HVAC inspector will evaluate the overall condition and functionality of both the air conditioner and heater in your new home. In some cases, your home may even have more than one AC and/or more than one furnace. This is often the case in larger homes, or homes that have been divided as rental units at some point in the past.


Age of the units

The inspector will take the ages of the HVAC units into consideration. If the air conditioner is over a decade old, and/or if the furnace is 15-20+ years old, he or she may recommend replacing them. Systems this old no longer run as efficiently as they once did, or as a newer model would. While this may be an expensive purchase, consider it an investment for your new home. Not only will your home feel more comfortable with updated units, but you will also see less costly energy bills.


AC and furnace maintenance

The inspector will also look at how well the air conditioner and furnace were maintained. Did the previous homeowner schedule annual maintenance appointments? Are the systems coated in dirt, grime, and dust? If the units weren’t properly maintained, they likely have components that experienced premature wear and tear. This means, you may need to repair/replace a part sooner rather than later. The inspector will be able to advise you as to what needs to be fixed/replaced, and how soon it should be taken care of.


Condition of ductwork

Along with looking at the systems themselves, the inspector will also examine the condition of the ductwork in your new home. He or she will check for any holes in the ducts which could be letting air escape before reaching the various rooms in your home. Duct holes are easy for a professional to fix, but this will come with a fee.



The inspector will also likely look at the thermostat to be sure it’s working as it should. If the device runs on batteries, it’s recommended to replace them when you move into a new home. If the unit operates on electricity, the inspector will likely check the wiring inside the device to be sure it’s not damaged or coated in dust and in need of a cleaning.


Extra protection for your HVAC systems

In addition to scheduling an inspection of the heating and cooling appliances in your new home, you should also keep them protected with our affordable heating and cooling repair and maintenance plans. For a low monthly fee, your systems will be covered in case of an unexpected breakdown. If your AC or heater stops working as it should, simply give us a call 24/7, and we will handle the rest.


In addition to repair work, consider enrolling in our maintenance plans for your heating and cooling systems. These plans include an annual tune-up appointment to help keep these vital systems running as well as they should all season long.