"The plumber who responded to my issue was excellent..."

You use it to wash your hands, rinse off fruit and veggies, and clean dishes each night — we’re talking about nothing other than your kitchen sink. Your family depends on your sink throughout each day, and if it’s not draining like it should, you’ve got a problem. Plumbing problems, no matter how minor they seem, could be a warning sign for a much bigger issue. This is why it’s so important to rely on experts for anything related to plumbing in your family’s home, especially in your kitchen.


A clogged kitchen sink — what should you do?

Relying on experts is precisely what Joseph K. of Riverside, Ill., did when he noticed that his kitchen sink wasn’t draining. This northern Illinois homeowner is enrolled in our Preferred Home Protection Plan, which plan covers 17 major home systems, appliances, and lines — including kitchen plumbing.


Joseph gave us a call at the first indication of a problem — because he knew only a skilled plumber would be able to handle this job. Our contact center representative knew how frustrating it must have been for Joseph’s family to not have a functional sink, and a trusted and experienced plumber from our network was dispatched to Joseph’s home to diagnose and treat the problem.


The plumber recognized that there had to be a clog in the line running from the kitchen sink to the main sewer line at the street. The plumber rodded the line the entirety of the 40 feet to the main to remove the clog, and then ran the water from the faucet to ensure the clog was thoroughly removed — it was, and Joseph’s family had a usable sink once again in their kitchen.


“The plumber who responded to my issue was excellent, knowledgeable and thorough,” said this satisfied customer.


Want to be like Joseph?

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