“…they always go over and beyond expectations…”

If you’re a homeowner, you know that it seems like there’s always some new task that needs taken care of. Whether it’s cleaning a spill in your fridge, wiping out the leftover food particles in your dishwasher or fixing a wobbly chair — you’re always busy with a home maintenance chore.


When it comes to home maintenance chores that involve electricity, you might think twice about tackling the job yourself — and for good reason. Any task that involves electricity is something that’s better left to the professionals. When you don’t know what you’re doing, working with electricity can prove to be quite dangerous, and a wrong move could even be deadly.


ZERO-dollar service fees and trip charges…

When John K. of Columbus, Ohio, had a bad dimmer switch in his kitchen, he knew that it was a job he didn’t want to handle on his own — and he didn’t have to. Being enrolled in the Electric Line Protection Plan, John knew that the replacement of a bad dimmer switch would be covered under the program. He gave us a call and set up a time with a local service provider in our network to go to his home, ensure the problem was in fact with the dimmer switch, and then had it replaced — all without John paying a dime for a service fee or trip charge for the appointment.


“From my experience, they always go over and beyond expectations every time I call them,” this satisfied Ohioan said. “This is a great investment for your home!”


For a low monthly fee, John’s Electric Line Protection Plan takes care of situations such as these. John is also enrolled in our Outside Water and Sewer Line Protection Plan, Plumbing Protection Plan and Gas Line Protection Plan


John went on to say, “Feels like you have [a] landlord fixing everything, and you never have an out-of-pocket expense for each call! I love this company!”


Want to be like John and our other 1 million happy customers?

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