“They took all the information and told me that the plumber would be in touch later that morning.”

If you own a home, then you already know that there likely isn’t any household problem more frustrating to deal with than one that involves your plumbing. After all, that kind of problem can wreak havoc on your family’s ability to shower, use the bathroom, wash their hands, and so on.


Not just that, but plumbing problems are known to be — well — expensive to fix. Also, a trusted and reliable plumber with availability to come to your home to diagnose and treat the problem can be tough to find in a pinch. This is where our Plumbing Protection plan can help. When you’re enrolled in this plan and a covered issue occurs, you can just pick up the phone and give us a call. You could also start a chat with one of our customer service representatives by clicking on the “Click to Chat” tab on the right side of the page during standard business hours.


That’s precisely what longtime customer Joe A. from Stamford, Conn., did. When he noticed that he had a leaking, malfunctioning water shutoff valve under his bathroom sink, he relied on his Plumbing Protection plan. He called us — at 12:30 a.m. on the weekend — and we were able to have a plumber from our service provider network fix the problem that morning. No more leak, no worries of water damage (and more expensive water bills).


Joe said, “I had a leaking and malfunctioning shutoff valve under a bathroom sink and I called [Oncourse Home Solutions] on a Saturday at 12:30 AM, they took all the information and told me that the plumber would be in touch later that morning. By 11:30 AM on Saturday, the plumber completed the repairs. The work was all covered by the policy. Both [Oncourse Home Solutions] and the plumber provided pleasant and courteous service. I was very pleased with both companies.”


What does our Plumbing Protection plan cover?

With this plan, you will receive an annual limit of up to $2,000 in repair coverage. The plan covers:

  • Repair of leaks or breaks to exposed, interior water supply lines/pipes and valves.
  • Repair of leaks or breaks to exposed, interior drain lines/pipes.
  • Repair of shutoff valves leading to fixtures or appliances.
  • Service calls by a licensed plumber, up to coverage limits.


Please view our Customer Agreements for more information about what’s covered with the Plumbing Protection plan.


Want to be like Joe?

Visit us online and enter your ZIP code to see if our plumbing warranty is available in your area. Have questions about what’s covered with our plans, or what billing options may be available? Give us a call or “Click to Chat” with us!