This is Why You Need to Keep Your Cooling System’s Fan “ON”

A lot of homeowners might not realize that they could be creating a much cooler and more comfortable environment in their homes simply by leaving their thermostat’s fan setting in the “ON” position this summer.

How does “ON” differ from “AUTO” ?

When the fan is left “ON,” it will be running 24/7. This differs from the “AUTO” setting in that the fan doesn’t come on only when it’s told to do so by the cooling system. Instead, it will always be running to push cool air continuously throughout the house.

There are many advantages to keeping the fan “ON,” including the following:

  • There will be a much more consistent distribution of cool air throughout the home. The fan helps to circulate cool air into areas of the home that might not be that comfortable during the summer, such as the second floor or a room above the garage.
  • You’ll have cleaner, fresher air. This is especially important for individuals who suffer from allergies. When the fan is on, it continuously pulls air through the filter. Just be sure that you are routinely replacing the filter when necessary.
  • It reduces wear and tear on your cooling system. When the fan is continuously running, there aren’t numerous starts/stops that could potentially be stressful on your cooling system.

Leaving your fan “ON” will help to create a cool, comfortable and inviting home for your loved ones during the sizzling hot summer weather!