Types of Warranties That Cover Home Appliances

A home’s appliances are some of the biggest investments we make beyond the home and property itself. We count on them to cook our food, wash our clothes and clean our dishes, which means most of them are used every single day. The amount of work we ask these machines to deliver day in and day out adds up over time. Unfortunately, unlike a car, they don’t come with an odometer, so many homeowners are not as aware of the “miles” they’re putting on their washer, dryer, refrigerator, stove or dishwasher — and thus tend not to prepare for inevitable repairs or replacement.

That’s where home warranties come in.


Typical Coverage Plans

Even if your appliances came with a manufacturer’s warranty or if you purchased an extended warranty from the retailer, you may be surprised to learn you may not have coverage in the event of failure. This is because many manufacturers’ plans only cover certain types of repairs within a certain time frame. Many of them do not pay for repair work related to mechanical degradation, or aging. They may only provide services in cases related to manufacturing defects, for example. This is where a home warranty plan can give you peace of mind, because it goes beyond what the manufacturer or retailer is willing to do for you. These plans may include:

1. Home warranty: These warranties are sometimes purchased by homeowners seeking relative cost certainty as, for example, they budget for a new home or are near retirement. Too, home warranties frequently are key elements of home sales, either offered by the seller as an incentive or negotiated for by the buyer. Most cover whole-house items such as plumbing and electrical, but many include existing appliances. Pivotal Home Solutions offers these types of warranty plans.

2. Home appliance warranty: Though much like a manufacturer’s or extended warranty, home appliance warranties frequently cover longer time periods and can be applied to multiple appliances. Customers can find and purchase warranties for their kitchen and laundry room appliances from Pivotal Home Solutions.

Who Does the Warranty Work?

If you are considering purchasing a home warranty, it’s important to know who will be performing service on your home’s important appliances and systems. Pivotal Home Solutions has a network of technicians in your area that it works with on a regular basis. All of these network service providers have been pre-qualified, so you know you will be getting someone who knows how to fix the problem you have.

Pivotal Home Solutions Has a Plan for You

We’re leaders in providing peace of mind for homeowners. Our home warranty plans can give you the protection you need to ensure your home’s most important systems continue to perform as needed. Click here to learn more about our in-home, deductible-free services.