What Does Our Gas Line Protection Plan Cover?
As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to maintain interior gas lines which supply natural gas to your furnace/boiler, fireplace, and/or appliances. These lines experience wear and tear just like anything else. So, what can you do to protect these valuable lines?

The answer is to enroll in one of our Gas Line Protection plans. When you do, the benefits include:
  • Ample protection per year to cover repairs of leaks on interior gas lines that can develop over time due to everyday wear and tear.
  • Annual in-home inspection of your exposed interior natural gas lines, appliance connectors, and shutoff valves with some plans.
  • Repairs will be completed by skilled and experienced pre-qualified service providers.
  • Convenient monthly billing on your natural gas utility bill may be available.
  • There is no waiting period and coverage begins as soon as your enrollment is approved.

To see a plan available in your area, please visit us online and enter your zip code in the search bar at the top of the page. If we have services available in your area, our local brand(s) will appear, and you can click through to their website(s) to see what comprehensive home warranty plans you may be eligible for.