What is an Access Point and Why Do I Need One?

If you own a home, you need to have an access point or “sewer cleanout” installed. An access point will make maintaining your sewer line easier, and it will be essential if you ever have a clog in your sewer line. Without an access point, clearing a clog can be nearly impossible to do without digging up your lawn.

How do I know if I have an outside sewer cleanout?

You may not be able to see your access point, but even if you don’t, it doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have one. Many homebuilders disguise the access points so they aren’t obvious. Often, sewer cleanouts are installed in a basement, crawl space or garage. If they are installed outside of the home, they are usually close to the foundation, near the driveway, or in existing landscaping.

What happens if I have a sewer clog and no access point?

The lack of a sewer cleanout can make a clog or other sewer problem much more difficult to take care of. Plumbers and sewer line specialists may have to remove a toilet in your home in order to gain access to the sewer to locate the problem. This doesn’t always work.

Additionally, if the clog can’t be cleared by rodding the sewer line after the toilet has been removed, digging up your lawn may be next. It’s messy, and it will be a while before everything is back to normal.

Many service providers actually refuse to work on a sewer-related problem unless the homeowner has an access point set up. Once a cleanout is installed, it makes sewer rodding and line inspections much easier and faster.

How can I get a sewer cleanout installed?

Contact plumbers in your area to ask if they are able to help you locate an existing sewer cleanout access point on your property. If one can’t be found, think about having one installed. It will cost some money, but it will save big headaches if you need to fix a simple sewer line clog.

Interested in protecting your sewer lines? We can help.

At Pivotal Home Solutions, we offer home warranty plans to help you protect your outside sewer and water lines. Contact us at 888-801-5057 to learn more. Please keep in mind that we will NOT cover repairs if you do not have an access point set up.