Convenient Filter Replacement Through the Mail

Save time and energy with new air filters — automatically delivered right to your door.

Pivotal Home Solutions has teamed up with FilterEasy to help bring you air filters when you need them — automatically! Simply select your filter size and how often you want one delivered to you. Your first FilterEasy order is FREE!

  • Always free shipping
  • No membership fees
  • No obligation — you can cancel at any time
  • Ships automatically so you can change your filters on time, every time.                       

Three benefits to changing your air filters

1. Helps capture particles in your home. 
Throughout the year, new filters can help you breathe easier whether you’re running your furnace or your air conditioner

2. Helps save energy. 
Changing your filters more regularly can help reduce energy consumption

3. Helps prevent expensive repairs

Regular filter changes can help your system last longer and run more efficiently


"I wish I had this service years ago. Great way to keep up with the maintenance of my heating and cooling system. I highly recommend the service. Great price."

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

–Mark B., FilterEasy customer