Turkey in Oven

Your range is probably used every single day to help you prepare delicious meals for your family. These devices typically last for 10-15 years. Many homeowners choose to upgrade their cooktops to newer, more modern models that have a wide variety of features which could help to make cooking food easier and safer.

If the time has come to purchase a new range, you might be shopping around to see where you can get the best bargain. Have you considered leasing instead of buying? There are actually many benefits to choosing to rent a natural gas range over going out to the store and shelling out a lot of money to buy a new one.

Benefits of Leasing a Natural Gas Range

  1. Pay a low monthly price.
  2. If the stove needs to be replaced, it can be swapped out with a new unit and a new lease begins.
  3. Installation is performed by trained, knowledgeable, local service providers.
  4. Black and white color options are available.

Key Features

Warm and Hold Setting

Keeps dishes at the perfect serving temperature for hours without overcooking and works with timed bake and delay cook settings, so meals are ready when you are.

Conveniently cleans the oven's interior using high temperatures to burn spills, soil and soot away without a bit of scrubbing.

Easy Set ™ 306 Controls
These controls automate temperature, timer and other features so you can bake a pie, roast beef or cook a casserole with just the touch of a finger.

A convenient storage drawer underneath the oven provides valuable space for storing baking sheets, pans and pizza trays, so they're out of the way but still within reach.

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The Details: This transaction is a lease and requires a minimum term of 24 monthly payments at $14.99/month. After the minimum term, lease renews for one-year periods. Additional charges may apply for non-standard installations and are payable to the installing service provider at the time of installation. No security deposit is required. However, all leases are subject to Florida Home Solutions credit approval. Not available in all areas. Leases may be cancelled with 30 days’ notice, but certain termination and other fees may apply. Information about the licensed technician doing the installation will be provided when setting up the installation appointment.