Heating Maintenance Technician

Schedule a Furnace Repair Appointment 

Do you have a broken furnace and you're in need of a trusted heating repair company? Pivotal Home Solutions is here to help you get a comfortable home once again. We understand how frustrating it can be when this vital appliance stops working like it should. After all, your family depends on it to stay warm during the brutal Chicago winter. 

Understandably, it can be difficult to find a heating repair company at the spur of the moment that you can trust. It's also not always easy to find a professional HVAC company who is available to work with your busy schedule to get the required repair work done. We can provide easy and convenient appointment scheduling to fix your broken furnace.

Warning signs of a furnace problem

  • Certain rooms or floors in your home feel colder than usual
  • Furnace randomly comes on or shuts off, or doesn't come on at all
  • Heater makes odd noises when cycling on/off, or during the duration of when it's running
  • Vents have cold air blowing out of them
  • Furnace isn't able to keep up with the heating demands set by your thermostat

What happens during a furnace repair appointment?

When you call us, our customer service representatives will do their best to find an appointment time that works for you. On the day of your scheduled repair work, the technician being sent to your home will call you to let you know they are on their way. Once in your home, he or she will inspect your furnace to figure out what the problem may be, and how to get it fixed fast so your family isn't left in the cold for any longer. 

After determining what the problem is with your broken furnace and advising you as to what will be required to get it fixed, with your approval, the repair work can be performed. If any parts need to be ordered for the furnace repair, the tech in your home will be able to take care of this and will also help you with scheduling a follow-up appointment.

    Ready to schedule an appointment?

    Don't let your family suffer in the miserable Chicago winter temperatures with a broken furnace. Call us at 877-642-6747 and speak with a customer service representative, or chat with an agent on our website. Also, you can fill out our appointment request form, and someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible.