When one of your home’s vital systems or appliances breaks down, it can be a serious disruption to your life. You want to get things back to normal as soon as possible, but most homeowners insurance only covers you in certain circumstances. This means you may have to spend money out of pocket — on top of what you pay in premiums — plus find a reputable service provider on your own.  

Living through Kentucky’s hot and humid summers means you don’t want to be without air conditioning for a minute longer than necessary. That’s why so many homeowners turn to Pivotal Home Solutions for a home warranty in Kentucky.  

Having one of our home protection plans means you can receive prompt, professional service when something fails due to regular wear and tear. With us at your side, you can have your covered systems or appliances repaired or replaced without hassle. When you choose any of our home warranty plans — such as appliance protection, HVAC protection, or utility line repair — we can be there for you. 

Get the Proper Protection for Your Home 

We have several coverage plans to take care of the most important elements of your house. We make it easy for you to choose the level of protection that makes the most sense for your unique situation. Here’s a brief overview of the types of warranties we can provide for you:  

  • Heating and Cooling: You shouldn’t have to swelter through a Kentucky summer without air conditioning. Our coverage can get your HVAC system back up and running ASAP.  
  • Utility Line Protection: Broken utility lines need to be fixed right away — before they cause more problems. Our service line protection plans make sure someone gets to the root of the issue immediately.  
  • Appliance Protection: Whether it’s your dishwasher, refrigerator, oven or another appliance, our appliance warranty plans protect the things you depend on the most.  
  • Value Bundles: We let you select the coverage you want, so you can have as much or as little protection as you need. You can save money with our value bundles — popular combinations of plans with the coverage you want for your home.  

To learn how we can help you we can help you, see the list below for the Kentucky ZIP codes in our service area. Then, get in touch with us and shop for the right plan (or plans) now. 

Home Warranty Service Areas in Kentucky 

41102 Ashland KY
41105 Ashland KY
41002 Augusta KY
41603 Banner KY
41311 Beattyville KY
41203 Beauty KY
41604 Beaver KY
41514 Belfry KY
41605 Betsy Layne KY
41606 Bevinsville KY
41124 Blaine KY
41607 Blue River KY
41314 Booneville KY
41204 Boons Camp KY
41004 Brooksville KY
41722 Bulan KY
41612 Bypro KY
40311 Carlisle KY
41725 Carrie KY
41129 Catlettsburg KY
41731 Cornettsville KY
41031 Cynthiana KY
41615 Dana KY
41616 David KY
41214 Debord KY
41859 Dema KY
40316 Denniston KY
41034 Dover KY
41619 Drift KY
41622 Eastern KY
41740 Emmalena KY
41524 Fedscreek KY
41139 Flatwoods KY
41043 Foster KY
40601 Frankfort KY
40602 Frankfort KY
40322 Frenchburg KY
41817 Garner KY
41630 Garrett KY
40324 Georgetown KY
41044 Germantown KY
41144 Greenup KY
41631 Grethel KY
41632 Gunlock KY
41222 Hagerhill KY
41531 Hardy KY
41635 Harold KY
41701 Hazard KY
41636 Hi Hat KY
41822 Hindman KY
41640 Hueysville KY
41224 Inez KY
40336 Irvine KY
41642 Ivel KY
40337 Jeffersonville KY
41517 Jenkins KY
41539 Kimper KY
41643 Lackey KY
41645 Langley KY
41831 Leburn KY
40514 Lexington KY
40515 Lexington KY
40517 Lexington KY
40502 Lexington KY
40503 Lexington KY
40504 Lexington KY
40505 Lexington KY
40506 Lexington KY
40507 Lexington KY
40508 Lexington KY
40509 Lexington KY
40510 Lexington KY
40511 Lexington KY
40512 Lexington KY
40513 Lexington KY
40516 Lexington KY
40536 Lexington KY
40546 Lexington KY
41540 Lick Cree KY
41834 Littcarr KY
41230 Louisa KY
41231 Lovely KY
41836 Mallie KY
40962 Manchester KY
41649 Martin KY
41056 Maysville KY
41543 McAndrews KY
41544 McCarr KY
41647 McDowell KY
40346 Means KY
40347 Midway KY
41651 Minnie KY
41839 Mousie KY
41548 Mouthcard KY
41064 Mt. Olivet KY
40353 Mt. Sterling KY
40356 Nicholasville KY
41240 Paintsville KY
40361 Paris KY
41553 Phelps KY
41554 Phyllis KY
41501 Pikeville KY
41502 Pikeville KY
41250 Pilgrim KY
41843 Pine Top KY
41555 Pinsonfork KY
41844 Pippa Passes KY
41653 Prestonsburg KY
41655 Printer KY
41558 Ransom KY
41861 Raven KY
40472 Ravenna KY
40475 Richmond KY
41168 Rush KY
41169 Russell KY
41465 Salyersville KY
41759 Sassafrass KY
40983 Sextons Creek KY
40374 Sharpsburg KY
41562 Shelbiana KY
41564 Sidney KY
41174 South Portsmouth KY
41175 South Shore KY
41503 South Williamson KY
41659 Stanville KY
41566 Steele KY
41567 Stone KY
41568 Stopover KY
41660 Teaberry KY
41189 Tollesboro KY
41262 Tomahawk KY
41862 Topmost KY
41265 Van Lear KY
41179 Vanceburg KY
41571 Varney KY
40383 Versailles KY
41772 Vest KY
41386 Vincent KY
41572 Virgie KY
40385 Waco KY
41267 Warfield KY
41666 Wayland KY
40387 Wellington KY
41472 West Liberty KY
41669 Wheelwright KY
41858 Whitesburg KY
40391 Winchester KY
40392 Winchester KY
41183 Worthington  KY