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Enroll and our network of techs will be ready to make needed repairs — with no deductible and no trip charge

A home’s inside natural gas lines, the natural gas lines running to outside appliances, and the wiring and electrical system — their repair may be the responsibility of the home’s owner. Standard homeowners insurance policies typically do not cover these types of repairs.

Over time, normal wear and tear can cause problems with these lines, creating a potentially dangerous situation. Leaks in natural gas lines require immediate attention.

Get covered by the Preferred Gas Line Protection and Electric Line Protection Plans from Pivotal Home Solutions and you’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • Preferred Gas Line Protection* of Up To $3,500 Per Year – Protection for covered natural gas line repairs.
  • Electric Line Protection* of Up To $2,000 Per Year – Protection for covered electric line repairs.
  • Annual In-Home Safety Inspection – Of your home’s exposed interior natural gas lines and connectors, at no additional cost.**
  • No Deductibles or Trip Charges
  • Up to $250 Reimbursement Per Year – For professional interior restoration or exterior landscape restoration related to covered gas line repairs.
  • 24-Hour Toll-Free Hotline – Agents are ready to assist 365 days a year.
  • Affordable Pricing – Just $13.90† per month for BOTH Preferred Gas Line Protection and Electric Line Protection.
  • Convenient Billing – You may be able to place the charge on your gas utility bill.
 Preferred Gas Line Protection
Electric Line Protection



Leave THE AREA immediately. A rotten-egg smell may indicate a gas leak. Do not open windows or doors in an attempt to ventilate. Whether the odor is inside or outside, do not use anything that could cause a spark, including cell phones, flashlights, lights, appliances, matches and candles. From a safe location, call 911 and your local natural gas utility, which will dispatch a technician to check on the source of the odor and make the area safe.


* Some exclusions apply. Pre-existing conditions are not covered. Electric Line Protection Plan and Preferred Gas Line Protection Plan are intended for property owners; commercial buildings are not eligible and owners of multi-unit buildings must enroll each service address of the property to be eligible. Common areas are not covered.

** Appointments for inspection are available upon request and subject to schedule availability.

† Plus applicable tax.