Florida Water Heater Leasing
You can lease a natural gas water heater from Pivotal Home Solutions.

Water Heater Leasing

Homeowners in Florida need to know what to do when it’s time to replace their water heater. This appliance is used every single day in your home, and if it becomes inefficient or breaks down, you might not want to go out and purchase a brand new one for a big price tag. Instead, it may be easier for you to lease a water heater from us for a low monthly rate. 

Have peace of mind knowing that your family will be provided with reliable, hot water with a new unit. Below are three reasons why it is better to lease this sort of appliance instead of buying one.

1. Lower payments. If you are told that you need to buy a water heater because your old one is broken down far beyond repair, then it may cost you up to $1,100 to purchase a new water heater and have it installed. This is a lot of money to spend at one time without any kind of advance notice. When you lease a water heater, you pay a monthly fee, and the price is low and manageable with your other expenses.

2. You’re covered if the leased water heater needs repairs. If you choose to lease a water heater from us and it experiences some sort of problem, we will send a local, trained, experienced, and independent technician to your home to diagnose the problem and have it taken care of. This means that there are no unexpected repair bills to pay, and you don’t have to worry about finding a repair technician on your own to get the work taken care of. If the unit is beyond repair, we can provide you with a new unit and a new lease.

3. No up-front costs for standard installation. When you choose to lease a water heater with Pivotal Home Solutions, you will be provided with free standard installation. This includes all gas piping, 10’ of water piping, 6’ of flue piping, miscellaneous fittings, removal of the old water heater, and the mounting of the new unit.

As you can see, leasing a water heater can be a better and more cost-effective option for you when you compare it to actually buying a new unit. The best part is that you and your family will have hot water to use for showers, washing dishes, doing laundry, and for all of your additional household needs.

The Details: This transaction is a lease and requires a minimum term of 24-36 monthly payments. Prices depend on equipment selected. After the minimum term, lease renews for one-year periods. Additional charges may apply for non-standard installations and are payable to the installing service provider at the time of installation. No security deposit is required. However, all leases are subject to Pivotal Home Solutions credit approval. Not available in all areas. Leases may be canceled with 30 days’ notice, but certain termination and other fees may apply; if canceled during the minimum term, the customer may be charged the present value of their remaining lease payment. Information about the licensed technician doing the installation will be provided when setting up the installation appointment.