Safeguard your furnace/boiler and water heater 

Protect yourself against unexpected heating system and water heater breakdowns.

We've combined our popular Heating Repair Plan with our indispensable Water Heater Repair Plan to create an unbeatable bundle for homeowners, and we're offering it at a special, money-saving price through April 30, 2020. Now you can own both plans for only $12.95 per month - that's a savings of $7.95 per month!

Heating systems and water heaters are vital to your home and family. Don't wait! Enroll today in our Heating Repair and Water Heater Repair Plans so you'll be protected when there's a problem with either one of these essential appliances. For the special price of only $12.95 per month, you'll enjoy a combined protection of up to $4,000 per year (up to $400 per incident for each covered system)!

You can enroll with confidence, too. We've been helping homeowners protect and repair their homes' vital systems, lines, and appliances since 1992. We know you'll love the peace of mind and service our coverage brings you, but if you ever decide to go without our protection, you will be able to cancel it at any time and you will only be responsible for the months you are on the plan. 

To enroll, visit each product page at the "Learn More" links below and add the product to your cart. At checkout, enter Notice Code NHS357 to apply your discount. Have questions? feel free to Click to Chat with a customer service representative.

Heating Repair Tech

Heating Repair

Up to $2,000 annually ($400 per incident) for repair or replacement of your furnace or boiler*


Water Heater Repair

Up to $2,000 annually ($400 per incident) for repair or replacement of your water heater*


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Gas Line Protection

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 Special monthly price applies for the first 12 months, after which you will be automatically renewed in both plans for another year at the regular monthly price (currently $20.90). Plus applicable tax.

* Some exclusions apply. Repair and/or replacement coverage will begin 30 days after the Commencement Date on your Confirmation Letter and is subject to eligibility.


IF YOU SMELL THE ROTTEN-EGG ODOR ASSOCIATED WITH NATURAL GAS, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. Do not operate anything that could cause a spark, including lights, cell phones, flashlights, and appliances. From a safe location, call 911 and your local utility, which will dispatch a crew to check on the source of the odor and make the area safe.