Clothes Dryer

Everyone loves fresh, warm clothes straight out of the dryer. If you are noticing time and time again that your clothes aren't getting as dry as they should after a cycle has completed, or if your unit isn't turning on at all or you are experiencing some other type of serious problem, it may be time to consider replacing the appliance.

While many homeowners may worry about having to go buy a new clothes dryer, as it can be fairly expensive, many of them don't realize that there are alternatives to buying a replacement. Have you thought about leasing a dryer instead? It could be the best option for you and your family.

Benefits of Leasing a Natural Gas Dryer

  1. Large capacity is designed to handle family-sized loads
  2. Side-swing reversible dryer door can be installed so it opens closest to the washer.
  3. Air Only temperature cycles are gentle on your delicate fabrics.
  4. Lint filter is mounted on the top for easier cleaning.
  5. Low monthly payments and no repair costs.
  6. Free standard installation.
  7. Natural gas clothes dryers create less wrinkled clothes when compared to electric units because when shut off, the heat dissipates quickly.
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The Details: This transaction is a lease and requires a minimum term of 24 monthly payments at $11.99/month. After the minimum term, lease renews for one-year periods. Additional charges may apply for non-standard installations and are payable to the installing service provider at the time of installation. No security deposit is required. However, all leases are subject to Pivotal Home Solutions credit approval. Not available in all areas. Leases may be cancelled with 30 days’ notice, but certain termination and other fees may apply. Information about the licensed technician doing the installation will be provided when setting up the installation appointment. In some cases, washing machines may be leased to customers who lease a dryer.